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Title: 43 Professional student Mi ◯ -chan 20 years old 1st time (3P) Blindfolded ◯ A black man cheated in a bundle and made an unauthorized vaginal cum shot! Is the second undesired unfortunate pregnancy a half-baby! ?? (LOL).

Description: In order to seed with Ojisan’s sperm, insert raw cheeks while masturbating with a clivibe and shoot a lot of super-rich semen ♡ While in a blindfolded state, let me naturally do a cleaning blow job as usual … here in, put this also Tekito reasons as “still I ♡ to insert one more time because not fit the erection”, Black Brother and secretly baton that had to wait in a separate room (laughs) blindfolded see do not know anything ◯ Chan, without noticing, accepts a black contraceptive decachin to a non-contraceptive masturbation … (explosion) As per the prior meeting with the black brother, continue the piston at the missionary position without raising a voice as much as possible so as not to get caught also, ejaculation would divulge near become involuntarily broken Japanese as “Ikisou …!”, because I noticed that funny is ◯ chan also state only truly, here Shot Harashi story … remove the eye mask was conceived at the same time Brother cum shot big shot! Look ◯ chan situation some of the panic feeling puzzled large puzzled can not understand (laughs) but has seen a practice swing to push away the hand trying to somehow refuse to put in the Black Brother, has been hampered by ◯ bundle equipment (explosion) yet Before I could understand the situation, I also cleaned the big dick that the black semen of Brother got sticky in the slapstick ♡ After that, I managed to calm down with Ojisan’s specialty, Kuchihaccho, and I will not take responsibility even if I get pregnant I succeeded in taking a picture of the signing of the memorandum (laughs) , and did I have a second unhappy baby with Ojisan’s sperm … or did I have another unhappy baby of a black half …! ?? (Explosion) Stay tuned for future developments!

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