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Title: A Married Woman Is Captivated By Her Husband’s Boss. The Shiny Black Dick Fucks Her Hard. A Married Woman Cuckolds With A Black Man. Hotaru Mori

Description: Our favorite based black man from America is a company’s boss this time. He takes the initiative to visit one of his subordinates at his house, for drinks, meeting the wife, bonding, and all that jazz. After many beer drinks, he decides to just take a shower in the house, but the wife Hotaru Mori opens the door by mistake with bad timing and gets a glimpse of that jumbo hotdog… a size of dick she can hardly believe it’s real. Mori-san, the subordinate, is drunk sleeping in the living room, so our dude then decides to invite himself to the wife too. Who feels guilty. But she just won’t let go of the huge black-dick.

The following days, mister black-man decides to keep visiting the wife, who at the same time begins to truly love it. You know, as the saying says once you go there, there’s no coming back or something like that… By the end the husband discovers the whole affair-thing, and storms in the room yelling at them to stop. But they don’t, they just keep fucking in front of him and eventually, our dude finishes inside his employee’s wife in front of him. If there’s anything more Alpha than that in this world I don’t know about it. The acting is good and the story is good too. Loved it. Great movie.

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