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via RedGIFs

via RedGIFs

Title: Getting Fucked And Creampied In The Hot Spring By A Black Man With A Big Dick ~ Momoka Kato

Description: Katou Momoka receives her black baptism in our favorite Japanese onsen. As she goes traveling with her husband they bump into a couple of foreigners who are staying on the same onsen. While she is having a bath alone one of the fine gentlemen approaches her and flaunts his dick at her face, so she doesn’t have that many options. JUFE-051 was more strong on the rapey side and less on the “seducing” part compared to previous videos. By the last 5 minutes of the video, one of the black dudes makes a wrestling move on the hubby while the other is still banging his wife Momoka, as a result, they made the husband watch her getting creampied and begging for more dick. But well, that what happens, it was NTR (Girlfriend/Wife Stealing) all along.

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