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Title: A Black Man With A Big Cock Moved In Next Door. I Never Thought My Girlfriend Would Become Addicted To His Extremely Thick Dick. Yuki Makimura

Description: This one small man has Makimura Yuzuki as a girlfriend but she is even taller than him, making him insecure and to top everything he has a small dick. With this premise, a black man from America moves to live next door and briefly meet the couple, he makes fun of the small Japanese man, and the small man cannot even handle the banter and gets totally buried. Soon enough, our good black dude Thomas (or “Magnum” or whatever his name is) makes a move on Makimura like the alpha man he is. She is shocked by the big black dick size at first, but she quickly obliges. And man, what an ending!!!! 1:56:02

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