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Title: Real Female Teacher Gets Fucked By A Black Guy! Married Female Teacher Vs. Black English Teacher – Creampie Cuckolding – Nanaho Kase

Description: Smith is an American teacher that came to Japan to teach English. Nanaho Kase is a beautiful married teacher who gets assigned the task to support Smith on his teaching and making videos of the classes. At one point, Nanaho invites him to come over to her house, and they begin a friendship that quickly escalates to an affair some days later in the classroom… while the classroom camera was still on. She initially doesn’t want to cheat on her husband, but boy does she gladly take those creampies shortly after… disgusting cheating. The husband of Nanaho Kase ends up watching those videos, and discovering her wife cheating (1:51:41), screaming in agony while watching the video, Epic ending. Nanaho speaks some English at minute 9:45 and that gave our black man a raging boner it seems.

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