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Title: A Black Exchange Student Homestay NTR His Big Dick Was Thicker And Longer Than That pencil She Was Using To Dick Out Of Sachiko

Description: Michael is an American student staying with a Japanese family as a homestay. The family has a son, who has a girlfriend, Sachiko. They all three have dinner together and do shots. Sachiko getting pretty much. And thanks to the alcohol she suddenly she jumps on Michael, who doesn’t hesitate to bang her. But she quickly notices that Michael’s dark materials aren’t as small as his boyfriends, as that huge cock hardly fits inside her mouth. The last 2 minutes of the video was pretty hilarious and priceless, in yet another classic NTR ending. As her girlfriend tells him how small his dick he literally pulls down his pants in tears and agony… LOL I mean wtf… how can a man be so beta?

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