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  1. Access to our decensored JAV library, currently over 325 movies, with 5 more added each week.
  2. Fast downloads of decensored content
  3. Ad-free, full quality streams (Mega) however and lower quality stream is available for mobile and low bandwidth users
  4. Subtitle srt files
  5. You get to nominate any movie from (1 per week) into a weekly draw to be decensored. The draw will happen on Sunday at midnight (EST)
  6. Your choice of any movie from you want decensored (3 movie per month)
  7. Your choice of any 3 movie you want decensored. the movie is not limited to what’s already on (you might have to submit the movie to me to decensore if i can’t find it) Message me on here or email me you nominations and selections at