Updates: 5-Oct-2020


Hi Everyone,

In an effort to make running this site be more sustainable, I am starting a Patreon. As member of our Patreon you will be getting exclusive decensored content in a number of ways.

So if you would like to support the site and get your choice of movies you want to see decensored feel free to join our membership here


Our twitter account is https://twitter.com/BlackedJav

34 thoughts on “Updates: 5-Oct-2020

  1. BF-340 BF-354 BF-359 BF-376 BF-408 BF-510

    Any of these would be fine, I really would be thankful if you could uncensore one of these.

    Thank you for your time

  2. Any chance you can upload to the free Czech website for larger files? I don’t have rapidgator.net account. Thanks in advance.

  3. Patreon customer service is almost non-existent. All I got was a bot response. There are issues with my account so cannot access content. If they don’t respond soon, well, I’ll have to say goodbye and cancel my PayPal. Shame, good work from yourself, but the platform you chose to host is hard to work with. BTW, I’m still unable to locate and send you a message on Patreon

  4. Its not something I would advise as a fix, since my current Patreon account is tied to my PayPal account so setting up a secondary account might make the situation twice as worse. And considering Patreon has a reputation for not getting back to their users/creators, it doesn’t give me confidence on the reliability of this platform: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.patreon.com
    Its a shame, the work you’ve done is great and appreciated but its the platform that lets it down.

  5. I’ve noticed you’ve moved away from Patreon. Wise decision. After nearly 2 weeks, they still haven’t got back to me about my faulty account. However, can you confirm that you’ve cancelled your Patreon “creators” account so I can be sure they will not charge me as its still tied to my account? Thanks

    1. The patreon is suspended which means know one gets charged for joining that patreon.
      I have not cancelled my patreon account however and i can still create a different campaign in the future.

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